• How the Fundraiser Works

    1. Green Circle NC will collect used cooking oil from local restaurants.Bio Flow
    2. The used cooking oil is then processed into a quality feedstock to make Biodiesel fuel.
    3. The used cooking oil is then sold to be made into Biodiesel, a cleaner, more environmentally safe form of energy than current diesel fuel.
    4. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the used cooking oil will come back to Pitt County Schools to support:
      • Classroom Teachers
      • Teacher Assistants
      • Technology for classrooms
      • Fuel to fund student transportation and extra-curricular activities.


    Look at the immediate benefits the Biodiesel 4 Schools program is bringing to the school district and the community. 
    1. Saves the school district thousands of dollars.
    2. Helps keep teachers, teacher assistants and technology in our classrooms.
    3. Provides an avenue for restaurant owners to generate PR by “giving back” to the community, which is much more effective than advertising.
    4. Offers alternative solutions for our school system in dealing with our current economic problems.
    5. Allows the county to be more self-reliant and demonstrating how we can take care of our own.
    6. Propels the county to a leadership position, thereby providing an example for other communities to follow.
    7. It’s the right thing to do.


    Look at the potential long-term benefits the Biodiesel 4 Schools program is bringing to the school district and the community.
    1. Cleaner air for the children to breathe while on the bus.
    2. Plants the seeds of a new economic model that will bring jobs, requiring new skills.
    3. Helps the state of NC meet its goal of 10% homegrown fuel by the year 2017.
    4. Fuel expenses go from a variable cost to a fixed cost.
    5. Enables the school district to potentially start a biofuels curriculum, better preparing the students for the 21st century.
    6. Helps wean the county off of a dependency on foreign oil.