Graduation from high school is an important event in the lives of students, parents, and families. It is an opportunity to celebrate the educational accomplishments of students.  The graduation ceremony is designed to provide memories and impressions that will last a lifetime.  We need your assistance to ensure your student’s graduation ceremony is conducted in a dignified manner.


    Our faculty and staff have spent significant time planning and organizing the graduation ceremonies for each respective high school.  It is very important that all graduation participants and attendees conduct themselves in a polite and courteous fashion.  The graduation ceremony is a special event and requires all attendees to be on their best behavior.  To ensure that our graduation ceremonies are conducted in a dignified fashion, we expect students, parents and guests to adhere to the following:


    Parents and Guests


    • All Pitt County high school graduations are held annually at Minges Coliseum on the campus of East Carolina University.   Students are provided a limited number of tickets for parents and guests, and tickets are required for admission. 


    • Parking will be available in the parking lots off of Charles Blvd and Ficklen Drive surrounding Minges Coliseum .  Parking staff will be present to direct drivers accordingly.   Additionally, golf cart attendants will be available to provide assistance to those guests who may have difficulty walking from the parking lot to the Coliseum entrance. 


    • Appropriate dress is recommended.


    • Arena doors will open 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the start of each ceremony.  Parents and guests may enter through Gates 1, 2 or 3.  Families with handicapped or elderly guests will be permitted access to the elevator (only one family member may accompany then in the elevator).  Pitt County Schools does not provide wheelchairs. 


    • All parents and guests will be expected to pass through metal detectors before entering the facility. Bags/purses can be no larger than 10x10x10 inches. It is also recommended parents and guests leave cell phones in the car to increase the speed at which they get through the metal detectors. Please remember that pocket knives are prohibited.


    • Graduation ceremonies start promptly at the designated time. All parents and guests should arrive at the graduation venue prior to the start of the graduation ceremony.  To lessen the distraction, a special section will be designated for late arrivals.  However, the gate will close 20 minutes after the start of the ceremony.  Please recognize there are thousands of guests attending graduation ceremonies.  Any guests requiring special assistance or accommodations are encouraged to arrive early (recommend at least 45 minutes prior) to make sure there is enough time to be seated before the ceremony begins.


    • Personal use of cameras without flash and hand held video cameras are permitted as long as one remains in his/her seat and respects the viewing rights of graduation attendees.  Flash photography and stand up videotaping are not permitted during the graduation ceremony. The use of tripods is also prohibited.


    • Noisemakers (including horns and whistles) and signs (including posters, balloons and banners) are not permitted in the graduation venue and their use is strictly prohibited.


    • The possession and/or throwing of beach balls, balloons, confetti, or other related items at the graduation ceremony are strictly prohibited.


    • Follow the school principal’s instructions for applause and recognition during the ceremony. Unsolicited shouting, whistling, and applauding will not be tolerated.


    • The graduation program will designate those individuals who are authorized to address the audience and graduates. No individual may speak to the audience without the specific permission and authorization of the school principal.


    • At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony and in an effort to ensure the safety of all attendees, the audience will remain seated until all the graduates have exited the arena.


    • All graduations will air live on Cable Access Channel 13 and replay throughout the summer; additionally, graduation videos can be found on the Pitt County Schools YouTube channel online. 




    • Students are reminded that their conduct at graduation ceremonies and rehearsals is governed by the Pitt County Schools Student Code of Conduct.


    • Students will not be permitted through the gates with cell phones and are expected to make pick-up arrangements beforehand.


    • Students will follow the protocol procedures and schedule of events as established and reviewed in the graduation rehearsal.


    • Students need to recognize the importance of the graduation ceremony and dress appropriately.


    • When crossing the stage, students will shake the hands of the stage guests, receive their diploma books, and immediately return to their seats.


    • The graduation program will designate those students who are authorized to address the graduates and class. No student may speak to the audience without the specific permission and authorization of the school principal.


    PCS request that all students, parents and guests conduct themselves in a respectful manner.  Students and attendees may be removed from the graduation ceremony if their behavior or conduct is inappropriate and disruptive.

Last Modified on May 31, 2017