• Key BT Program

    The Pitt County Educational Foundation sponsors the Key Beginning Teacher Program.

    Key BT Mission: To engage and empower our innovative, creative, and effective BTs as collaborative leaders


    What is the Key BT Program?


    ·  The Key BT program is designed to work with highly effective Beginning Teachers to train and support them to become collaborative leaders with other Beginning Teachers.  They will support other BTs in facilitating the summer induction of new teachers, create resources for BTs to use, assist the facilitation of monthly training with BTs, and advocate for the needs of BTs. The program will use our best and brightest beginning teachers to support our newest teachers.


    ·  It is run by the Teacher Support Program in coordination with the Professional Development Coordinator.


    Outcome of the Key BT Program


    ·  To retain our most effective BTs in our schools by professionally recognizing and supporting their growth


    ·  To facilitate training our most effective BTs as collaborative leaders


    ·  To improve the individual skills and resources of our most effective BTs so they can work in with other BTs to improve professional practice in their school and across the county and therefore, impact more students


    ·  To develop resources for teachers to use to make their job more efficient