Accelerated Math

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    Accelerated Math is a program we use at Ridgewood Elementary School that may be a new experience for you and your child. This program is designed to help our teachers provide instruction on the mathematics objectives each individual student needs to learn.


    Although the program is produced by the same company that makes Accelerated Reader, the format of the program is different. The following description should help you understand what our teachers and students will be doing with the program.


    The teacher begins using Accelerated Math by assigning objectives to the students. These objectives are matched to Common Core objectives and the Ridgewood Instructional Pacing Guide.


    A practice activity is printed for each student based on the objectives assigned by the teacher. Every child has a different set of problems to work—this is a great way to provide individualized instruction.


    The student completes the practice assignment and bubbles his/her answers on an Accelerated Math scan card. The student takes the scan card to the computer and scores the practice. The computer prints a TOPS report indicating the percent of items answered correctly, the objectives that were on the assignment and the correct and incorrect answers for the questions the child did not understand.


    The computer also prints a new practice activity with problems for the objectives assigned by the teacher. If the student is having a hard time understanding an objective, the teacher will print an exercise for the student and teacher to work together.


    After the student has answered 80% of the questions on the practices correctly, the teacher will print a test for the student. Student tests will have problems for only the objectives they have mastered on practices. If the student demonstrates mastery of the objective(s) on the test, their TOPS report will indicate that he/she has mastered the objective(s).


    During each grading period, students have objective mastery goals. The number of objectives expected to be mastered is based on the amount of curriculum covered during that marking period.


    Students receive school wide recognition upon mastering 50, 100, and 200, and 300 objectives.


    Accelerated Math has had a positive impact on Math End of Grade scores for our students. Through use of the program, students are able to master grade level objectives and extend the curriculum with advanced practice in objectives above the current grade assignment. Students who need remediation are also provided with practice that best meets their academic performance.


    If you have any questions about the program, please contact your child’s teacher or stop by the media center.