• Independence Day

    Grades K-8


    Pitt County Schools has a system-wide “Independence Day” in an effort to support students walking to class by themselves in the morning.   We want our students to develop independence and confidence that will serve them well in the classroom. We also want our teachers to make the most of their instructional time, including the morning time before school. This preparation time is a very busy time for our teachers. They must monitor students and attend to instructional duties. Although this is a popular time for parents and teachers to interact, we must place the needs of our students and their instruction first. 


    With this in mind, we are declaring our district-wide “Independence Day” for the 2019-2020 school year to be Monday, September 23, 2019. On that date and thereafter, we are requesting that K-8 students walk to class “independently” and that parents schedule meetings with teachers at other times if personal conversations are needed.


    To assist with traffic and safety issues, students transported to schools should be dropped off and picked up in the designated areas. We are confident that the next few weeks will provide our students – including our kindergarten students – with sufficient time to adjust to the new school year.  We ask for all parents to assist the district in making this a positive experience for our students and teachers and in helping us to maximize our instructional time.  If your child has specific needs, please contact your child’s school.


    Thank you for your cooperation in recognizing “Independence Day” on September 23, 2019!


Last Modified on August 14, 2019