• Safe Working Heights

    Custodians are responsible for managing the replacement of burned out light bulbs and damaged, water stained, and missing ceiling tiles as needed or as directed.

    Light bulbs and ceiling tiles reachable from an 8 foot ladder are the responsibility of the CUSTODIAN.  For most folks this will safely give you a reach of at least 12 feet.

    Light bulbs and ceiling tiles OVER 8 foot and ceiling tile that must be cut is the responsibility of FACILITY SERVICES unless you have a 10 foot or 12 foot ladder.

    The following information is found in both the Custodial Procedures and Fire Prevention Program.

    Light Bulb Replacement

    • Occasionally, while attempting to replace burned out bulbs, defective ballasts are discovered. Ballasts will be changed by Facility Services. However, when a bad ballast is discovered the custodian attempting to replace the bulb should submit a facility work order noting the light location.
    • Periodically check night time security lighting around the school. Submit a work order to Facility Services noting the light number or light location.
    • Emergency exit signs and emergency lights shall be checked monthly. Anything not functioning properly should be reported to Facility Services for repair.

    Ceiling Tile Replacement

    • It is the responsibility of the custodial staff to replace broken, water stained, or missing ceiling tiles.
    • Facility Services is also responsible for replacing ceiling tiles that must be cut for fit, regardless of ceiling height.


Last Modified on August 9, 2021