• Teacher Leadership Institute

    The Pitt County Schools Teacher Leadership Institute is a leadership development program by collaboration between the Educational Program Services and Human Resources departments of Pitt County Schools, with significant support provided by the Pitt County Educational Foundation.  The mission of TLI is to develop teacher leaders who can advocate for and support teachers and students in the school system.  Teacher leaders fulfill many roles in schools; they are more than team chairs, department chairs, or SIT representatives (though they may fulfill those roles).  Through a two year program, teachers will develop their identity as a leader, progressing from the mindset that, “Because I do________I am a leader “to “Because I am a leader I do __________”. Leadership competencies and dispositions transcend formal leadership roles and empower teacher to be leaders regardless of their situation.


    The work and goals of the Pitt County Schools Teacher Leadership Institute are aligned to the Teacher Leader Competencies, developed by the Teacher Leadership Initiative, a joint endeavor of the National Education Association (NEA), the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ) and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). 


    Funding for Pitt County School Teacher Leadership Institute is provided by the following organizations:

    Pitt County Schools Educational Foundation

    Wells Fargo Foundation

    Pitt County School EPS Department

    Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

    State of North Carolina Teacher Compensation Model Grant