The PCS School Health Program has partnered with CareDox to provide accurate health information for enrolled students. CareDox is a secure student health documentation system that adheres to both FERPA and HIPAA regulations to ensure the confidentiality of your student’s health information.



    In August 2017, we rolled out the parent enrollment portal in CareDox, offering an online opportunity for parents to update their children’s health information.



    If you have enrolled in the parent portal, we hope you are enjoying that service.  If you haven’t enrolled and would like to, you can access enrollment through this link:







    As always, if your child has any change in their health status or has needs you feel the school nurse needs to know about, please contact her through your school or by utilizing the School Nurse Directory located on the left of this screen.  Healthy children learn better!  Thank you for helping us meet the health needs of your child!!