• Your child will receive a score report in June.  Here is some other commonly asked questions about assessments.


    What are End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC) tests?
    The tests assess student proficiency in key subjects. All students in North Carolina take End-of-Grade reading and math tests every year in grades 3-8. Fifth and eighth graders also take an End-of-Grade science test. High school students are required to complete an End-of-Course assessment in English 2, Math 1, Math 3 and Biology. 

    What does my child's score mean?

    The End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC)  is just one data point to indicate how your child is performing in school.  The EOG and EOC allows you to compare an individual student's performance to other students in the district and state.

    Will my child be retained if they fail their EOG/EOC tests?

    As previously stated, the EOG/EOC is just one indicator of a student's proficiency and is not the sole factor in retention.  You can contact your child's school to understand more about promotion and retention procedures.

    Are NC Final Exams part of the state’s READY Accountability Model?

    No. end-of-grade (EOGs) and end-of-course (EOC) assessments are part of the state’s READY Accountability Model. The NC Final Exams are not part of the Accountability Model and are used in grades or subject areas that do not have an EOG or EOC to measure student growth for teachers and school growth for participants in the North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES).

    How do the NC Final Exams affect a student’s overall grade average?

    Results from a valid test administration should be used as a minimum of 20 percent of the student’s final grade for each respective course. This requirement does not apply to end-of-year assessments in grades 3–8, but public schools may adopt policies to use results from end-of-year assessments in grades 3–8 elementary and middle schools as part of the student’s final grade.

    If an NC Final Exam is administered in a class, are all students enrolled in the class required to take the assessment? Can local education agencies (LEAs) “excuse” students who are already failing the course from taking the NC Final Exam?

    State Board policy TEST-016 requires all eligible students who are enrolled in a course in which an NC Final Exam is being administered to participate in the administration, with or without accommodations. This includes students who are identified as failing a course, grade, or subject for which an NC Final Exam is required. LEAs cannot “excuse” students from the NCFEs.

    Are middle school students who are taking a course with an NC Final Exam required to take the NC Final Exam if they are taking the EOG in the same subject area?

    Yes. If a middle school student is enrolled in a course in which an NC Final Exam is administered, he or she is expected to take both the NC Final Exam and the EOG exam. For example, an 8th-grade student enrolled in Earth/Environmental Science would take both the Earth/Environmental Science NC Final Exam and the grade 8 Science EOG.

    Are students enrolled in a course for credit recovery required to take an NC Final Exam in that course?

    No. Students taking a course for credit recovery are not required to take the NC Final Exams. If an LEA chooses to administer the NCFE as part of a credit recovery requirement, the scores are not included in the growth model.

    Are students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses required to take an NC Final Exam?

    No. AP and IB courses have a different process for determining teacher effectiveness.

    Are students with disabilities required to participate in the NC Final Exams?

    Students with disabilities who are currently instructed on the Extended Content Standards and, according to their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), participating in the NCEXTEND1 alternate assessments are the only students with disabilities who are exempt from the NC Final Exams. 


    The reports will look similar to the one below. The score summary for each test will be given which includes their level of performance and scale score.  An explanation sheet will accompany your child's report.  










Last Modified on November 13, 2018