JROTC Rules

    1.) Classroom Rules and Behavior: With the increase on class size it is imperative that we estanlish classroom and procedures to control the classes. It is helpful that you and your child understand the big picture.
    2.) Uniform Inspection,Maintenance and Accountability: Cadets and parent or guradians need to understand the importance and policies concerning unifrom inspection. 
    3.) Failure to Dress Out: If your child dont dress out you will get a 0
    4.) Cadet Challege: Each friday we will have cadet challenge 
    5.) Extra Curricular Activities:Cadets in the JROTC program are expected, but not required to participate in after school activities.
    6:) Mertis/Demerits: The Ayden-Grifton Charger battalion has established a system to recognize and reward cadtes for their accomplishment and behavior.