SGE Accelerated Reader 


    Accelerated Reader

    At South Greenville we use the web-based version of Accelerated Reader (AR). Our students have access to all the AR quizzes in existence, whether the Media Center actually owns a copy of the book or not. This allows them to take quizzes on any books they have read that have a quiz - not just books from the Media Center but also from the public library, from home, or from a bookstore.

    To see if a book has an AR quiz and what the level/points are, please visit www.arbookfind.com.

    You can use your student's AR login to check their progress from home! Click here to visit the Home Connect website.  See your child's teacher if you need a login.

    Please use this chart to help your student determine which color sticker to look for according to his/her AR level in the South Greenville Media Center. Please note, students should use their AR level as a guide, not as a strict rule for checking out books. 

    AR Reading Levels