• School Logos Redesign

    PCS School Logos

    Intended Audience

    School level stakeholders (parents, students) and prospective families.

    Purpose of Entry

    38 School logos were redone or reworked in order to elevate each school’s identity and brand.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    We worked with each principal and utilized Design Pickle to draft and finalize 38 different school logos (and additional program logos). Logos were utilized as the  prominent feature on our school websites that were revamped this year. Logos are the centered feature of the website, and the image is carried over to all print and digital communications involving the school as well as promotional materials, gear, and “swag” for each school.

    Use of Logos

    Below is a list of links where you can find three different school logos in use: 

    School Website Redesign Process 

    While we worked to rebrand the district website and logo, we also knew it would be a good time to rebrand each of the schools. This included the logo redesign process as well as a website update. The school website update took a lot of effort to work with each school's websmaster. We found that many of them needed an official training, which we developed for the school webmasters. On their websites, they were able to implement the new logo that they approved during the design phase of the project. See below for some of the materials we developed to assist with the website redesign: