• Profile of a Learner

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  • Intended Audience

    All Stakeholders (students, staff, parents, organizational partners, community).

    Purpose of Entry

    Prior to the pandemic, stakeholders indicated a “graduate profile” was needed to help define the learner PCS is intent on shaping. Work with the official “Portrait of a Graduate” process began and a PCS PROFILE OF A LEARNER was completed (after a pandemic pause) and rolled out during the spring of 2021.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    Emerging from the pandemic, Pitt County Schools knew it was time to rebrand and identify as a redefined, vibrant, successful school system with a renewed sense of pride and purpose. We first completed pre-pandemic work on a Portrait of a Graduate profile and developed what we tailored to be a reflection of our ideal learner and graduate. We call it our “Profile of a PCS Learner.” 

    Rolled out during the spring of 2021, the profile reflects a direct collaboration with:

    • 8 businesses
    • 38 school administrators
    • 25 district leaders, consisting of a team of superintendents, specialists and directors

    It also reflects 2018-2020 data collected from

    • 181 parents and students
    • 448 administrators and school staff members
    • 250 community members and business partners 

    It has been shared with

    • 2500 educators directly involved in the classroom
    • 38,752 parents, students, staff members through direct email
    • 150 participants (business partners, community members) in public rollout sessions

    The Process

    During the design and implementation of this document, there were many helpful resources that we created to make sure it was effective. You can view these resources below.