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    All students are able to log on to the WHR Destiny library catalog from home. Home access to the library catalog provides students with access to online research databases, and online encyclopedias that have been purchased by WHR.  The library media specialist will be able to help students answer any questions they have on how to use these resources. To access the school’s library catalog, students should follow the directions below.


    STEP 1:
    Open your internet browser and go to http://destiny.pitt.k12.nc.us/quest/servlet/presentquestform.do?site=130&alreadyValidated=true


    STEP 2:
    Type in the title, subject, or author in the search bar.


    STEP 3:
    Returns that are labeled "IN" should be available for check out.  Returns labels "OUT" are currently checked out and not immediately.  Returns labeled "ASK" are resources not currently carried by WHR at all.  If you feel that the library should carry more of, or a resource that is currently not at WHR, email the librarian and request it