• Exciting News!!

    We won’t be able to come to the library yet, however, Mrs Stahl will be delivering books to classrooms once a week. K-2 face to face students will not need to put books on hold.  They will check out books from a cart in their classroom.  K-2 virtual students will need to place holds if they want to check out books.

    You will put books on hold in Destiny.  Holds will need to be submitted to the library system by 1:30 pm two days before your library day.  For example, if your library day is Wednesday, your holds will need to be placed by 1:30 on Monday.  If your library day is Friday, your holds will need to be placed by 1:30 on Wednesday. Here is a video tutorial to help you login and navigate Destiny and place holds.

    Virtual Learners

    If you are learning virtually at this time, you will need to place your hold requests by 1:30 on Thursdays.  

    Your books will be available in the front office on Mondays.

    At this time, you will only be able to get new books once a week and books will be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.  

    Checkout Limits  

    Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade students may check out 4 books at a time

    3rd, 4th & 5th Grade students may check out 6 books at a time

    Book requirements for 3rd ,4th & 5th are as follows:

    2 nonfiction books

    1 chapter book

    3 books of your choice

    Books on Hold

    You will be able to place up to 10 books on hold.  The reason that you can place more on hold than you can check out is to allow Mrs. Stahl to fill your order more effectively.  Mrs. Stahl will do her best to get you the books that you want but if a book is popular, you may not be the first on the list to get it.  The librarian recommends that you always place 10 books on hold so that Mrs. Stahl has plenty to choose from for you.

    Book Returns

    When books are returned to the library they will be quarantined for 4 days before they are available for checkout.  Once a book is able to go back on the shelf, Mrs. Stahl will check it out to the next person in line for that book.  

    Overdue Books

    If you currently have library books that are overdue, please find them and return them to the media center.  If you are new to WH Robinson, but you have books from another school, please bring them to the WHR library and Mrs. Stahl will return them for you.  If you have any overdue books, your checkout will be limited to 1 book at a time.