• Reading Renaissance, using Accelerated Reader and STAR, is a supplement to the Reading program at Wahl-Coates. Accelerated Reader encourages students to read books by offering a testing program to go along with A.R.—identified books. Books are leveled by Reading Renaissance and assigned point values.



    Periodically throughout the school year, teachers assess their students reading ability using the STAR test. After looking at the STAR test results, teachers assign reading level ranges to their students. After a student reads an A.R.-identified book, they are allowed to take an A.R. quiz about the book. Ask your child’s teacher if you have any questions about Accelerated Reader and/or STAR.



    In our Media Center, we have a large collection of Accelerated Reader books throughout all sections (Easy, Nonfiction, and Fiction). We also encourage students to choose non-A.R. books to read, since there are many quality books that are not identified as A.R. books.