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    Creekside students annually participate in a Reach for the Stars fundraiser and read-a-thon sponsored by Usborne Books. The Reach for the Stars fundraiser is usually right before Spring Break, and it generally raises around $1,000 for new books!

    Students count the total number of minutes they read over a two-week period with a goal of at least 300 minutes read. They also collect pledges from family members and friends to earn books for themselves, their teacher, and the media center.

    Every time a student reads for 30 minutes or collects a pledge, they fill out a drawing slip. Drawings are held several times over the two-week period for a free book.

    At the end of the read-a-thon, an Usborne book fair is set up in the media center. The student uses 40% of their total pledges to choose books at the fair. The classroom teacher receives 30% of the pledges in books, and the media center also receives 30%. Students, teachers, parents, and family members may also purchase books at the book fair.

    The culminating event is an Usborne Book Fair Family Night and Bedtime Story Hour. We always have a wonderful turn-out! Thank you to everyone who has participated!

    Please contact Ala Gore for more information.