• Questions/Concerns

    Pitt County Schools (PCS) believes that the potential for success is greatly enhanced in a school environment characterized by mutual respect, fair and impartial treatment, open lines of communication and adequate procedures for solving differences.

    When a parent/guardian has a question or concern regarding their child’s daily life in school, PCS will make every effort to develop a solution that works for everyone, while putting the student’s needs first.

    When addressing any question or concern, please follow the steps below:


    Step One: Teacher

    Your child’s teacher should be the first contact for questions regarding your student.



    Step Two: Principal

    If your child's teacher cannot assist you, please contact the school’s principal.


    Step Three: Central Office

    If the principal cannot assist you, please contact the Central Office, which acts as a mediator between parents and school personnel and will work to resolve disagreements. Questions regarding student discipline should be directed to Student Services, while curriculum related questions should be directed to Educational Programs and Services. Contact information for these departments and other Central Office personnel can be found at the link below:

    Central Office Directory


    If concerns remain unresolved, the Student Services Department will inform parents of the Grievance Procedure. While the district encourages informal resolutions to student and parent grievances, it recognizes that students and parents may want a more formal process for certain types of complaints, or to follow when an informal process is not found to be satisfactory. The grievance procedure can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook.