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    Home Base is a statewide, instructional improvement (IIS) and student information system (SIS) for teachers, students, parents and administrators.
    Teachers use Home Base to access student data and teaching and learning resources. Students can access their schoolwork, grades, and learning activities. Parents can view their child's attendance and progress, and administrators can monitor data on students, teachers and schools.
    Not only does Home Base put data and resources at the users' fingertips, it does so with single sign-on access to the integrated system made up of the following components: Learner Profile and Student Information; Standards & Curriculum; Instructional Design, Practice & Resources; Assessment; Data Analysis and Reporting; and Professional Development & Educator Evaluation.
    Informational Videos 
    Home Base Overview - A look at the instructional side of Home Base.
    Home Base PowerSchool Overview - A glance at the student information portion of Home Base.