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    North Carolina Guide to Strengthening Our Public Schools
    A PreK-12 Public Education Strategic Plan 
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    The North Carolina School Superintendents Association (NCSSA) is a professional organization dedicated to the mission of providing leadership and advocacy for public school education throughout North Carolina. The members of NCSSA are compelled by a common mission and a sense of urgency to educate each young person in North Carolina so that our communities, state, and nation will continue to thrive.
    The North Carolina Guide to Strengthening Our Public Schools is a proactive education reform plan developed by NCSSA to: 
    • Create a public education system that better prepares North Carolina's students for success in globally competitive jobs and in higher education;
    • Frame the debate on education issues and the funding necessary  to both sustain and increase the accomplishments that have been made;
    • Focus the attention of policymakers on what will make a difference in student achievement;
    • Establish and maintain a strategic direction for public education; and
    • Galvanize support of stakeholders who will enable continuous forward momentum for improvement in the quality of public education.