Pitt County Schools

Policies and Procedures
NOTE:  Pitt County Schools is in a year-long process of revising and updating its Board Policies, including a change of policy numbers and rearranging sections.  To the extent that the new policies cover a certain topic, the new policies will control immediately. To the extent that the new policies do not yet cover certain topics, the current policies will remain in effect and will control. We will be adding additional new sections as they are approved by the Board of Education.  We apologize for the inconvenience as we make this transition.
The following Sections have been updated:

New 1000 Section - Governing Principles

Policies concerning Board of Education Authority and Duties, Governing Principles, Parental Involvement, School Safety, Nondiscrimination, and Grievance Procedures

New 2000 Section -Board Operations

Policies concerning Organization of the Board of Education, Board Meetings, Public participation at Board Meetings, and Hearings before the Board


New 3000 Section- Educational Programs

Policies concerning Educational Programs, Technology, School Trips, Testing, Graduation Requirements, Alternative Learning Programs, Special Education Programs, Health Curriculum and Extra Curricular Activities


New 4000 Section- Students

Policies concerning Admission, Health Requirements, School Assignments, Safety, Student Records, Student Behavior, School Uniforms, Disciplinary Consequences and Attendance


New 7000 Section –Personnel

Policies concerning Web Page Development and Copyright Compliance


New 9000 Section- Facilities

Policies concerning Facilities, Construction Projects, Security and Board Property