• Policies

    Policies by Section:


    1000 Section - Governing Principles

    Policies concerning Board of Education Authority and Duties, Governing Principles, Parental Involvement, School Safety, Nondiscrimination, and Grievance Procedures

    2000 Section-Board Operations

    Policies concerning Organization of the Board of Education, Board Meetings, Public participation at Board Meetings, and Hearings before the Board



    3000 Section- Educational Programs

    Policies concerning Educational Programs, Technology, School Trips, Testing, Graduation Requirements, Alternative Learning Programs, Special Education Programs, Health Curriculum and Extra Curricular Activities


    4000 Section- Students

    Policies concerning Admission, Health Requirements, School Assignments, Safety, Student Records, Student Behavior, School Uniforms, Disciplinary Consequences and Attendance

    Policies concerning Relationships with Parents, the Community, Government Agencies and Outside Organizations and Individuals
    Policies concerning Student Health, School Nutrition, Student Transportation and Purchasing of Equipment, Materials and Supplies

    7000 Section –Personnel

    Policies concerning Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, Work Environment, Staff Responsibilities, Benefits and Leave, Development and Evaluation, and Separation


    Policies concerning Budgets, Revenue Sources and Fiscal Accountability 

    9000 Section- Facilities

    Policies concerning Facilities, Construction Projects, Security and Board Property