DREAM Team: Dance Reveals Excellence and Mindfulness

    Mission Statement: The mission of the DREAM after school program at CM Eppes Middle School is to build a bridge between the mind, body, and community through dance exploration. The Dance Reveals Excellence and Mindfulness program moves with purpose in all that we do.


    To strengthen metacognition skills and cross-curricular instruction at CM Eppes Middle School:

    • Studies have shown a positive connection between the arts and academic achievement in other subjects. In addition, if students take the time to investigate the manner in which they receive information, then they will become more empowered learners.

    To facilitate conflict resolution strategies:

    • The Dream After- School Dance Program promotes the self-discipline, self-esteem, and cooperative skills students need to become successful and positive role models.

    Bulldog Pride and Community Engagement:

    • Dance is where culture and creativity meet. The DREAM after-school program provides an outlet for students to participate in school athletic events and creatively express themselves.

    Artistic Direction: Mrs. Schilling

    Facilitators: Mrs. Kirk & Mrs. Palad

    Team Members:
    Dezire Applewhite
    Kezia Brown
    Toy'Reca Graham
    Nevah Halloway (Secretary)
    NiRyah Harris
    Jania Rainey
    Zania Sheppard
    LaQuaja Wilson
    Aidan Wood