• PCS District Website

    Intended Audience

    All Stakeholders (students, staff, parents, organizational partners, community)

    Purpose of Entry

    Our website is our prime entry point for community awareness, new families and existing stakeholders. Emerging from the pandemic, Pitt County Schools knew it was time to rebrand and identify as a redefined, vibrant, successful school system with a renewed sense of pride and purpose. We developed a new logo, launched a five year strategic plan, a profile of a learner, all of which were anchors for our NEW WEBSITE.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    We gathered stakeholder input prior to developing our new, custom website on the Blackboard platform. We surveyed principals and school webmasters about the existing functionality of the site and subsites and hosted planning sessions. We also spoke with parents through our community partners like Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County. 


    Top items on the list for improvement were:

    • Create a menu that separates schools by grade level (elementary, middle, high, specialty)
    • Create an “easy” quick link menu for the most sought after items
    • Showcase the district through marketing our best features instead of treating the homepage and school subpages  as “bulletin boards” with disjointed lists of information
    • Utilize video instead of static photos
    • Feature our district’s Profile of a Learner

    Prominent features:

    • Blue “Schools” menu separates schools into elementary, middle, and specialty schools
    • Red “I want to” drop down menu at top of site directing visitors to most asked for items such as the school calendar, employment, Board members, etc.
    • Statistics feature of our top accomplishments and programs
    • Video feature of students and teachers
    • Custom section featuring the Profile of a Learner


    We worked with a Blackboard designer and were able to accomplish all of these and create a stunning AND functional website. To view the website please click on the link here.

  • Our Communication Strategy

    Not only did we have stakeholders to work with, we had to keep our internal team of Websmasters up-to-date with the changes that we were implementing. We produced a list of resources for all of the webmasters to utelize during the transition of the website. See below for some of the resources we sent out to the whole team of webmasters.

    1. Video Training Resources

    The video training resources shared the vision for the new website with webmasters so they would be able to see the updated features.



    2. Master Webpage Excel Document

    To start with the website redesign, we realized that we needed to get an inventory for the current status of the website. With the help of an intern, we worked on cataloging over 400 individual webpages that were live on the old website. We simplified, illimunated incorrect information, and developed a new organizational structure of the website.

    To view this document, click the link.

    3. Powerpoint of Video Training Guide

    After meeting with webmasters and hearing their concerns, we realized it was important to create a powerpoint of training resources. This helped us keep our team of internal webmasters all on the same page.

    To view this training guide, click the link.

    4. List of Webmasters

    After each meeting with our webmasters, we kept specific notes for each department within Pitt County Schools. This helped us stay on track with our overall timeline to launch the website.

    To view our webmaster notes, click the link.


    Launch Statistics

    We launched the website using social media and direct mail. 

    Two social media posts across three platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), on August 2nd and August 9th, 2021 resulted in engagements numbers of 20,444 including reach, impressions, views and engagements.

    Direct mailing resulted in 36,789 deliveries with an 85% open rate.