• PCS Early College Recruitment Video

  • Intended Audience

    Prospective 8th grade students and parents for the Early College program.

    Purpose of Entry

    The entry is a promotional video informing parents and prospective students about our two Early College programs.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    Parents and students who aren’t familiar with Pitt County Schools Early College High School and Innovation Early College High School often have questions during the enrollment period. Making the commitment to attend high school in an alternative program such as an Early College is trajectory-changing for students and families. It is imperative to let students know of the unique advantages of attending an Early College program such as:

    • Smaller classes
    • Integration into College campus life
    • FREE college courses
    • Up to 60 hours of transferable college credit

    The video included parent, student, and administrator testimonies and was used on a recruitment page, during two question and answer parent/student virtual meetings, and pushed out through social media.


    • October 20 Video: 
      • Twitter : 373 
      • Facebook : 3,079
      • Instagram : 402
      • TOTAL : 3,854
    • Early College Posts: 
      • Twitter : 1,453
      • Facebook : 7,382
      • TOTAL : 8,835

    Meeting attendees 

    • 45 + 50 

    Webpage visits

    • In October, the EPS Page had a spike in visitors from its regular 100-200 visitors a month to 837


    This video led people to the Early College webpage on our new website. To view this webpage with all of the resources for students apply for the Early College Program at PCS, click the link.