• PCS Logo Redesign

    PCS Logo

    Intended Audience

    All Stakeholders (students, staff, parents, organizational partners, community)

    Purpose of Entry

    Emerging from the pandemic, Pitt County Schools knew it was time to rebrand and identify as a redefined, vibrant, successful school system with a renewed sense of pride and purpose. The new logo is the headlining feature of our 2021-2026 strategic plan and is more than an image; it gives a “nod” to the past logo (1993-2020) while integrating vision and purpose in the design itself to reflect our new identity moving forward.

    View the image gallery below to see the transformation of the PCS Logo through the years.


  • Achievement of Purpose/Success

    Initial Design

    Working with multiple stakeholders, our communications team, and graphic designers we determined the initial design drafts for our logo then, through a series of conversations and presentations, we tweaked the design until the final design was achieved. The design maintains the shape of the previous logo (a P with pages to a book) and moves the concept ahead to the multi-layered approach we believe it takes to make our system and our students highly successful. Instead of book pages, the logo features layers separated integrated together, representing students, educators/staff, parents and community support and the partnership it takes to engage, empower and elevate our students.


    PCS Logo GIF

    Click below to look at some of the original designs:

  • Logo’s Usage

    The logo is a headliner in our new website, all print publications, social media platforms, promotional materials, wearable gear and “swag” items to promote the district. We presented the logo, along with the strategic plan, to every educator through our new website launch and through beginning of the year meetings where these items, along with the purpose, were presented to every teacher and staff member in individual folders. Email blasts and “unveiling” of the logo and accompanying documents also helped push our logo to the community.


  • Strategic Rollout

    Finally, we planned strategic plan roll-outs and invited community stakeholders such as realtors, elected officials, businesses, churches and others to school tours. During these intentional engagements, we discussed district rebranding, our strategic vision and then showed specific examples where our vision is being accomplished at the school level.