• Education During COVID

    Intended Audience

    These photos were intended for the social media audiences that follow us for important information, updates, and culture shaping stories of Pitt County Schools i.e., parents, students, community leaders, stakeholders, employees.

    Purpose of Entry

    The purpose of these images was to convey the importance of continuing education throughout a pandemic. In this series of images, you can see the way that education has changed throughout COVID. In response to this change, we thought it was necessary to showcase how Pitt County Schools has adapted in the classroom.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    The entry did achieve its purpose. These images allowed for us to make important announcements while sharing a glimpse of what goes on in the classroom. These images were culture shaping for our community as community members were able to see how the classroom experience has shifted during COVID.

    Image 1

    PCS in COVID 1


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    Image 2

    PCS in COVID 2


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    Image 3

    PCS in COVID 3


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