• Strategic Plan

  • Intended Audience

    All Stakeholders (students, staff, parents, organizational partners, community).

    Purpose of Entry

    To present the new, redefined 2021-2026 Pitt County Schools Strategic Plan to our stakeholders.

    Achievement of Purpose/Success

    Emerging from the pandemic, Pitt County Schools knew it was time to rebrand and identify as a redefined, vibrant, successful school system with a renewed sense of pride and purpose. We first completed pre-pandemic work on our strategic plan for 2020-2025, in alignment with state goals, but the pandemic hit the very month we were to submit to our Board. We reevaluate after a pandemic pause and completed the 2021-2026 strategic plan and rolled it out in May of 2021.


    Rolled out during the spring of 2021, the profile reflects a direct collaboration with:

    • 8 businesses
    • 38 school administrators
    • 25 district leaders, consisting of a team of superintendents, specialists and directors

    It also reflects 2018-2020 data collected from

    • 181 parents and students
    • 448 administrators and school staff members
    • 250 community members and business partners 
    • 2500 educators directly involved in the classroom

    It has been shared with

    • 2500 educators directly involved in the classroom
    • 38,752 parents, students, staff members through direct email
    • 150 participants (business partners, community members) in public rollout sessions

    Strategic Plan in Use