• Howl of the Month 

    Student Recognition Nominations


       These nominations will honor students in 1 of 4 separate categories, diversifying the criteria to also recognizing areas outside of academics.

    1. Academic Goals (ie: most improved, highest scores, academic performance in your class, etc. )

    2. Leadership Goals (ie: most dedicated, best work ethic, most respectful, building relationships, etc.)

    3. Service Goals (ie: service to the school, college, or community, best helper, volunteering, most responsible, etc.)

    4. Personal Goals: (ie: most passionate, best new skill, most curious, most interesting hobby, perfect attendance, self growth, significant accomplishment etc.)

    March's Howls of the Month:

    Terrance Shephard
    Julius Bazile
    Jordan Leary
    Malek Hadwan
    Westley Johnson
    Ryan Harmon
    Caleb Hughes
    Jania Rainey
    Nyiesha Robinson
    Kaelyn Manley
    Aniyah Perkins
    Jade Ham
    Dushon Grimes
    Catherine Jones