About Pitt County Schools
    The Pitt County School System is accredited by AdvancED as a Quality School System. This achievement recognizes the quality of education afforded the students in Pitt County Schools through the leadership of the superintendent and governing authority, the dedication and service of the professional staff, and the support of community stakeholders.

    Pitt County Schools currently serves more than 24,000 students in 38 schools and is continuing to see annual growth in its student population.   


    Number of Schools
    Pre-K Education Center - 1
    Elementary Schools (K-5) - 16
    K-8 Schools - 6

    Middle Schools (6-8) - 7

    High Schools (9-12) - 6

    Early College High School (9-12) - 2


    There are over 1,842 National Origin Minority Students enrolled in Pitt County Schools, representing 43 different native languages.  Out of these students, 968 were identified as Limited English Proficient and served in the ESL (English as a Second Language) Program. 

    The ethnic distribution of students in 2016-17:
    African-American - 47.1%

    American Indian - 0.2%

    Asian - 1.5%

    Hispanic - 11.6%

    Multi - 3.8%

    White - 35.7%

    Student Achievement Highlights

    In 2017, the school system posted an 86.2 % four-year cohort graduation rate. According to the 2016-17 READY Accountability Model report, 32 out of 34 test schools in Pitt County received a passing grade.  Scores on the ACT, which is a national college entrance exam, have increased by 9.1% for students in the district's high schools.

    The Pitt County Schools graduating class of 2018 was offered $33,088,153.94 in scholarships, the highest total ever for the district, including the following:   
    Some of the scholarships included NC Scholars, University of North Carolina Morehead-Cain Scholarship, East Carolina University Honors College Scholarships, a North Carolina State University Park Scholarship, a North Carolina State University Goodnight Scholarship,University of South Carolina Scholars Award, a  Wingate University Trustee Scholarship, a University of North Carolina Carolina Scholar Scholarship, a University of Alabama Foundation in Excellence Scholarship, Randolph Macon Presidential Scholarship, Va. Tech University Provost Scholarship, Salem College Academic Merit Scholarship, Mary Baldwin Academic Scholarship, Mississippi State University Scholarship,  Clemson Gateway Scholarship, University of Tennessee Scholarship, Army ROTC Scholarship, University of Michigan Provost Award, US Air Force Academy Scholarship, West Virginia University Honors College Scholarship, Campbell University Presidential Scholarship, Meredith College Legacy Scholarships, several SECU People Helping People Scholarship, several athletic scholarships and scholarships for the United States Military Academy, United States Marine Corps., and the United States Naval Academy among many others.

    Lunch and Breakfast Program
    On average for the district, Pitt County Schools serves 6476 breakfast meals per day, 12,674 student lunch meals per day and 425 school snacks each day.  Breakfast and lunch meals are served on site at each school location.

    On average, 218 yellow school buses traveling 15,394 miles, transport 12,506 students daily.

Last Modified on June 6, 2019