Congratulations to our August staff member of the month, Mrs. Donaldson! Mrs. Donaldson always goes above & beyond daily. Always willing to provide a lending hand, she is full of generosity, welcoming and always has a smiling face. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Donaldson, you are very much appreciated here at North Pitt!  













    October Students of the Month


    9th Grade- (Hannah Sawyer) 

    She is a highly Responsible student 


    10th Grade- (Mykia Taylor)

    She has always done all her work and maintained a high average. She has recently come out of her shell and become more outgoing and helps other students.


    11th Grade- (Joshua Gomez) 

    Joshua is always polite, warm and friendly. He completes every assignment and his work is of the highest quality. He is also a member of our outstanding Men's Soccer Team


    12th Grade- (Jesse Speight) 

    Has been a leader in JROTC, leads by example, always follows rules and participates in activities while keeping a positive attitude. 


    September students of the Month

    9th Grade- (Simone Perez Mote)

    Simone (she goes by Jade) participates daily and is a wonderful student and team member.  She's very creative and kind.  


    10th Grade – (Ja’mil Carmon)

    Ja’mil Has an A average so far, participates in class, completes all assignments.


    11th Grade- (Trent Hoffner)

    Trent has done superior work so far this year and is always seeking to understand how he can improve his written work. His attitude has always been one of growth and is positive in his pursuit of excellence.  


    12th Grade- (David Villeda)  

     David is a leader within the building and on his soccer team.  He is a member of the link crew and hasn't missed a day of school.  He excels in the classroom and has represented his soccer team as a captain for several games.