Summer Reading Requirements

  • North Pitt requires our honors, AVID, and Advanced Placement students to read purposefully over the summer months in order to prepare our students for their upcoming courses and to encourage learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

    Students that are in Standard English classes may complete the assignments as an extra credit assignment. Reading develops certain habits that we desire to foster in our students: sustained attention span, active imaginations, and a capacity for logical analysis and critical thinking1. These habits will benefit students as they prepare for increased rigor of college-level courses and study beyond high school. All substantive studies on raising test scores indicate that students who are well read perform better than those students who do not read or read non-challenging material. Students also internalize good writing. Those who read prolifically tend to have a stronger vocabulary and more complex sentence structure in their own writing.

    The links within this document will lead you to the specific requirements for each course and the projects that will accompany them. Any questions should be directed to the teacher with whom the student is scheduled to take the course or with the counselors, Ms. Jessica Avery, or any of the English teachers at North Pitt.

    Over the summer months, email is the best mode of communication and email addresses may be found on the Contact Us on the right navigation.



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