Math Masters


    Math Masters 2016 image

    The 2016 WHR Team!


    The "Math Masters Challenge" is a countywide competition entering its fifteenth year. Each school team consists of six third graders, six fourth graders, and six fifth graders. The competition consists of two parts.  All students from each team (Third, Fourth, and Fifth) take individual math tests.  Next, teams of three students work together to complete a group questioning round.  All of the points are added together to determine each school’s final score.  There is also a Math Master Challenge Round for the top 32 students from the day’s competition based on the individual test scores. 


    The WHR Math Masters Team is usually selected in December before Winter Break. The qualifying test mirrors the individual test that students will take on competition day. It consists of 30 math questions where students will record their answers. Students have 40 minutes to complete it.  They are allowed to use calculators.


    Teams are announced once testing for all three grade levels is complete.  The eighteen students who make the WHR team will work with me weekly beginning in January.  We will practice problem-solving skills and review math content that will be helpful not only for the competition, but for the end of year testing as well.  


    A great way to practice is to work in Study Island, not only for your grade level but also a grade level ahead. This year students have to log in to Study Island a different way. Click HERE for directions on how to log in. Students may need to ask their homeroom teachers for their user names and passwords.


    For additional information, please visit the Math Masters Challenge website. 

    The above information take from November 17, 2016.