• How to Enroll Your Child
    State law requires that a child must be five years old before August 31 in order to enter kindergarten for the school year.
    By board policy, students are assigned to schools based on the attendance area in which they live.  Kindergarten  students and students new to Pitt County Schools should register at the assigned school.  Parents may contact the Student Assignment Office at 252-830-4255 or go to the following link to find out your school assignment:

    Search for School Attendance Areas

    To  enroll a student, parents should take the following documents to the school:


    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Records
    • Court order for guardianship (if student is living with someone other than the parent)
    • Two proofs of residence.  Examples include:  

    A.   Notarized rental/purchase agreement

    B.   Utility bills (electric, telephone, gas, etc.)

    C.    Automobile registration

    D.    Car insurance and property insurance policies

    E.     Income tax W-2 form and property tax bill

    When entering the Pitt County Schools from another district, parents should also take the following information to the school:
    • Name, Telephone Number and Address of previous school attended
    • Report Card or Grade Placement Information


Last Modified on August 7, 2018