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Faces of PCS: Dusty Carter

Faces of PCS

Meet Dusty Carter, our Director of Printing Services. Dusty is one of the longest-serving PCS employees with over 33 years of professional experience. He creates various printed products for the district, ranging from thousands of school calendars, brochures and forms to bigger projects such as student handbooks and Inspire Magazine.

 Dusty Carter

Printing is something Dusty grew up with - his dad and two uncles owned print shops. Dusty also worked at the print shop during his senior year in high school. He graduated from J.H. Rose High School in 1983 and participated in the Technical Co-Op program offered at that time before starting his career at ECU Printing. He later joined the PCS team in 1990, offering his expertise working on a multitude of projects for our schools to this day.
"I honestly just love helping the teachers and principals with all the printers and copiers," Dusty said. "They do not have time to worry about this, so I want to make it as easy as possible for them. They are all so appreciative!"

Outside of work, Dusty loves to delve into the culinary arena. "I love to cook, and I am addicted to the Food Network," he added.
Dusty, thank you for everything you do for the PCS community during all these years!