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J.H. Rose High Band Awarded $85,000 Wells, West, Perkins Grant

GREENVILLE - The J.H. Rose High School Band program was recently awarded several grants totaling $85,000 through the James and Mamie Richardson Perkins Trust, the Mildred Sheffield Wells Charitable Trust, and the West Memorial Fund (Wells, West, Perkins).  These funds will be used to purchase a set of professional quality band instruments for students who do not have the financial means to upgrade their own instruments, helping them to be more successful by having access to quality equipment that can handle the demands of the repertoire the band performs.  Additionally, the funds will be used to purchase a set of timpani and a sousaphone, instruments that are too costly for the program to acquire otherwise.  
Thanks to the support of the Wells, West, and Perkins Trusts, students participating in the J.H. Rose Band program for the next 20-30 years will benefit from the instruments purchased.  Much appreciation to Band Director Russell Knight and Associate Band Director Matthew Howard for their efforts to purse funds for these items for the program and students.  Additionally, many thanks to the J.H. Rose High Band Boosters for their continued support and contribution to this project.