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Education Mini-Grants Awarded

Education Mini-Grants Awarded


The Pitt County Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the funding of 103 mini-grants for the teachers and students of Pitt County Schools totaling over $34,000.00.  Mini-grants are cash rewards to teachers for creative and innovative classroom projects. Each proposal is evaluated for its innovative and educational nature, realistic goals, reasonable budget and activities including direct involvement of students.


Funds to make the mini-grants possible are donated by local businesses, industries, civic groups, individuals and the Pitt County Educational Foundation. The Foundation is grateful for many donors who make the mini-grant program a success year after year.


Ayden Grifton Attendance Area


Ayden Elementary School

Rachel Greer – “Movie Magic”

Linda Bullock – “Readers Are Popping Up Everywhere”

Linda Bullock – “We Love Puzzles to Pieces”

Tina Mann – “Read to Lead”


Ayden Middle School

Jason Wade – “Coding with Spheros”


Grifton School

Denise Owens – “Growing Readers”

Jammie Avery – “Rockin Reading Book Club”

Ann Conner, Rick Dombroski and Amy Hahn – “Building Bridges of Friendship”


Ayden Grifton High School

Jocelyn Bryson – “Look ‘n Cook”  

Lyndsey Joyner – “Learning Through Cooking”

Michael Blackmon – “Ayden Grifton Spring Musical”

Catherine Lang Smith – “Capturing the Moment”

Will Tyer – “FIRST Robotics”            


  1. H. Conley Attendance Area


Chicod School

Chuck Branch – “From Emperors and Executives to Energy and Expansion”

Kristin Justice – “Pendulum Palooza”


  1. R. Whitfield School

Lisa Godley – “Breathing Life into Science and Social Studies with Digital Literature Circles”

Elizabeth Mattson – “Ukulele Union”



Hope Middle School

Kim Hall – “Using Literature to Teach Objective Summary”

Beth Sanderson and Paula Ange – “Science Olympiad – Preparing for the State Tournament”


Wintergreen Primary

Jeanne Williams – “Sit Smart Work Smart”

Heather Morse, Kari Collier and Ashley Lozner – “Using Literature to See Ourselves at Scientist”

Taylor Curtis – “Leveled EBooks”

Angie Gaddis – “Building Better Readers”



Wintergreen Intermediate

Katy Shafer – “Increasing Student Engagement with QBall”

Kim White – “Balanced Literacy Books”

Ashlee Thomas – “Involving All with Dry Erase Boards”

Danielle Groseclose – “STEMming Into Writing”

Michelle Kesseler – “SubTubs”

Christy Reynolds – “Interactive Stem and Math Manipulatives”

Cynthia Browing – “Building a Classroom Library to Reach All Learners”

Kayla Witherspoon – “Comfy Classroom Library”


  1. H. Conley High School

Kristen Aycock – “Fahrenheit 451”

David Madigan – “Creative Corner: Building Engagement for Success”


Farmville Attendance Area


Falkland Elementary School

Marshica Watson – “Kindness Rocks”


  1. B. Sugg School

Beth Coble – “Set the Stage to Engage”

Kelli Joyner – “Sensing Calm”

Christina Mattison – “Engaging Young Readers”

Shamecka Miller – “We need Adventure”

Ashley Burnette – “Rime Magic”

Brandy Davis – “Nonfiction, if you please”


Sam Bundy School

Anyssa Corpening and Erica Bray – “Sugg Bundy Safety Patrol”

Anitra Cook – “Graphic Novels for the Whole School”

Melissa Hastings – “Counseling Library” -

Timothy Longest – “Literacy through Current Events”

Nancy O’Campo – “I Suspect an Architect Phase 2”


Farmville Middle School

Wendy Cooke and Shannon Maloney – “Math Teacher Resource Center”

Gabrielle Lamb – “CSI: Farmville”


Farmville Central High School

Brad Woolard – “FIRST Robotics”



  1. H. Rose Attendance School


Eastern Elementary

Carmen Webb – “Are We Ready for iReady”

Lindsay Pate, Molly Byers and Jennifer West – “Fiction Fanatics”

Melissa Coxe – Uplifting Ukuleles”


Elmhurst Elementary

Lydia O’Rear – “Wellness + Reading = Formula for Success”

Jordan Parnin – “Money Manipulatives for New 1st Grade Standard”


Lakeforest Elementary

April Denney – “Beyond ABC”


South Greenville Elementary

18-19 PBIS Committee: Lori Cohens and Toya Kee - “SGE Cheetah Store and Monthly Pawsitive Behavior Celebrations”

Heidi Dennison – “Vocabulary Jenga”


Wahl-Coates Elementary

Claire Maxwell – “Captivating Readers”


  1. M. Eppes Middle School

Betsy Hughes – “STAND up for the CME Orchestra”

Shwanda Williams – “Developing Spatial Reasoning”

Cheryl McLawhorn – “CM Eppes Science Olympiad”


  1. H. Rose High School

Daniel Neese – “Technology, Design, and Innovation”

Paula Main – “FIRST Robotics”



North Pitt Attendance Area


Belvoir Elementary

Reba Warren – “Flexible Seating – Focused Learning”

Courtney Dubis, Sarah Harrrell, Jenny Kelly and Memori Peoples – “Novel Studies – A Student Centered Approach to Reading in 4th Grade”

Courtney Dubis and Shelby Page – “Novel Studies – A Student Centered Approach to Reading in 5th Grade”

Srita.Carolina Licona – “Hands On Growing”

Randall Kern – “Ceramic Storybook Statues”


Bethel School

Charles Millard – “Expose 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders to Nonfiction and Watch them Soar!”

Kellie Fulcher and Latonya Williams – “Learning is Coming Through Your Headphones”


Pactolus School

Vatoyia Gardner and Patricia Hopkins – “ Bibliotheraphy ! Improving Reading Performance and Mental Health for Struggling Students”

Rene Lee-Bryan – “SECURE”

Kathy Smith – “Living Wax Museum, People of the Past”


Stokes School

Delaney O’Connell and MaLisa Jessie – “Textural Encaustic Paintings”


Wellcome Middle School

Kelly Davis and Jonna Murphy – “Reimagining Pollock with Technology”

Pamela Ferris, Marcus Martinez, Shenita Atwa and Dana Johnson – “Middle School Science Modeling (AMTA)


North Pitt High School

Laura Mangum – “Making VR a Reality for All Students”

Ryan Meadows – “Weight Room Supplies”

Lauren Ritchie – “FIRST Robotics”


South Central Attendance Area


  1.   G. Cox Middle School

Jenna Ramsay and Sarah Williams – “Planting Seeds of Learning”

Mary Gray – “Ukulele Song Exploration”


Creekside Elementary School

Ashley Guttenberger - “Literacy and Vocabulary Development for Language Delayed Students”

Casie Creech – “Full STEAM Ahead in 1st Grade”

Heather Corbett – “Creative Books to Encourage Positive Behaviors in the Classroom”

Betsy Register, Sarah Ruddock, Elizabeth Brombery and Ashley Horn – “iTeach with the help of an iPad”

Kenya Hardy, Kim Smith, Sylvia Pittman and Jessica Kirk – “A Nose for the News”


Ridgewood Elementary School

Danielle Johnson – “We need to Get Ready for iReady”

Brittany Laube – “We need to Get Ready for iReady”

Lou Crawford – “We need to Get Ready for iReady”

Kim Lunde – “Sharpies gone wild”

Noelle Tucker – “African Drumming”


  1. H. Robinson School

Jennifer Smith – “Learning Through Purposeful Pretend Play”

Heather Landreth – “Making Learning Fun in 2nd Grade”

Haley Wade, Donna Crutchfield, Katie Greenberg and Tameka Smith – “Life Cycle Discovery”

Tim Wallen and Donetta Wylie – “Elementary P.E. Lacrosse Program”


South Central High School

David Tripp – “Film Club Short Film Productions”

Victoria Bridgers and Paula Elks – “Increasing Civic Literacy: Monster”

Marcus Pate – “FIRST Robotics”


County wide mini-grants


Early College at PCC (PCSECHS)

Obioma  Chukwu – “Discovery with Venier Probeware II”

Laurel Currie – “It’s Electric”

Meredith Southworth and Sarah Wall – “Books for Boosting Vocabulary and Fluency”


Early College at ECU (IECHS)

Rebecca Houston – “High Interest Reading”


Adapted Physical Education

Jonathan Wells, Chandler Wint and Michele Mazey – “Lifestyle Fitness and Games”