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Strive For Five Attendance Campaign

Strive For Five


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Dear Families,
Welcome to the new school year- it’s an exciting time for all of us! We’re looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth for all of our students! This school year, Pitt County Schools is adopting the Attend Today – Achieve Tomorrow #PCSStriveForFive
school attendance campaign to promote good student attendance. Good attendance means coming to school on time and staying all day-every day, which is key to every child’s success. After all, students must be present to learn!

All absences add up--excused and unexcused. Students who are absent two (2) days a month end up missing 18 days per school year. The North Carolina Board of Education defines this as chronically absent. Students who are chronically absent are more likely to not read at grade level, to have lower math and reading test scores, to repeat a grade, and to drop out of high school. Please help your child succeed in school by building the habit of good attendance. Make attending school every day a priority unless your child is truly sick (such as with fever or vomiting). Plan vacations when school is out and ask your medical professionals to provide appointments after school. EVERY DAY counts - even half days and days before or after holidays.

Pitt County Schools wants all children to Attend Today so they can Achieve Tomorrow! Therefore, we are asking every family to Strive for FIVE or fewer absences per child this school year. We will be sending more information, materials and tips about attendance throughout this school year. Please partner with us to make school attendance a priority so we can help all of our children learn, achieve, and succeed. #PCSStriveForFive

Thank you,

Dr. Ethan Lenker
Pitt County Schools Superintendent


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 Strive For Five Campaign