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Bethel Family Bulletin

Blackboard Announcements for 3/3/23
Good Sunday Bethel School parents and guardians.
Here are the weekly announcements for this week at Bethel.
Tuesday 3/7/23 will be a PTA fund raiser at Sawyer Fun Park in Greenville. A portion of all proceeds will
go to the Bethel PTA. Times for students and others to come to play are 4-8 PM on Tuesday and they
can play laser tag, trampoline, large climbing wall, Ropes course and more. Sawyer fun park will only be
open to Bethel parents and students from 4-8 on Tuesday. Come out and support PTA on Tuesday at
the Sawyer Fun Park.

Parents, please work together and merge in the car line in the morning and in the afternoons in a safe
capacity. We have had reports that some parents have become upset and not let other cars merge in for
whatever reason. We want to keep our campus safe and one of the biggest areas of concern is when
vehicles come on campus. We ask that you drive responsibly always when picking up and dropping off
your student.

Going forward we cannot allow parents or guardians to come to the school and go in the cafeteria to eat
with their student. This is a safety issue with making sure all our students are safe. We want our
parents to feel welcome at Bethel and we have no issue with parents coming by, checking in at the main
office, and eating lunch with their students in the safe corridors at the front of the building. We do ask
that if you are wanting to support your child, call & ask their teacher to call them and make sure you are set to offer support, act as a chaperone, assist with a party or anything else. Your student's teacher will be your first
contact in which to volunteer at Bethel.

One more week left until Spring Break starts. Students and staff will be out on March 13-17. Students
will return back to school on March 20.
Please have a wonderful rest of the weekend.