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Bethel Family Weekly Calls

Blackboard Announcements for 6/4/23
Good Sunday evening, Bethel families.
Here are the announcements for this week at Bethel School.

Students this week will be remediating all this week for the makeup EOGs, These retake exams will be
next week on June 12, 13, and 14, and for students who scored lower than proficient on any of the EOGs
they took. Students will remediate this week only in those areas they need to retake. If your student
has had proficient on all their exams they will not have to remediate for an EOG retake but they will have work in those areas to prepare them for next year's grade level. As an example, if your student is in 4th grade and passed all their exams in ELA and Math then they will be doing work for 5th grade and prepare them for their grade level next year. By another example, if your student is in 8th grade and was not proficient in ELA, Math, and Science then they will remediate all week with lessons on all three subjects and will be at school on June 12, 13, and 14 taking these retake exams. Parents can choose to opt out of any and all exams the student is slated to retake but the student cannot opt out of the remediation all next week they will be required to do if they are not proficient. Letters to parents on what exams their student will have to retake, if any, will go out on Monday. We
will need to get these letters for retake opt-out by Tuesday, the next day. We want all our students who
qualify for retakes to take the retake EOG on June 12, 13, and 14 but, again, this is parent's choice to opt-out.

Awards day for K-5 will be on Thursday and guests are allowed to attend in the gym for these awards presentations.
Awards day for 6-8 will be on Friday and guests are allowed to attend in the gym for these awards
presentations. Times for these awards days on Thursday and Friday will be announced next week with a separate announcement.

Friday will be an Early Release day for Bethel and all PCS. Our students here at Bethel will be released by
11:30 with rider pick up and bus loading. Parents here for Awards Day can check their students out early
once awards day is completed. The parent will need to come to the front office to check out their student for the day either on Thursday or Friday after awards day is over for your student's grade level.

Have a safe weekend.