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A Major Update to the StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit
January 11, 2022


According to the most recent (1/10/22) StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit, there are a few updates. In addition to the new CDC guidance that was added last week, the revision now includes an exemption for Test to Stay in a mask-required setting.

Individuals in a mask-required school setting do NOT need to be excluded from school after a close contact, including unmasked exposures (e.g., during lunch or extracurricular activities), if they do NOT have symptoms. The recommendation is that they would test on the day of notification of exposure and as close to day 5 after exposure. However, due to the lack of availability of tests this is not required at this time. This exemption applies to in-school exposures as described above as well as non-household, out-of-school exposures.

Individuals with a positive household member must quarantine for 5 days (please adhere to the guidance provided by your school). This practice would NOT apply to individuals who have a mask exemption.

Parents/guardians or impacted staff will continue to be notified of any exposure and will be directed to closely monitor for symptoms. If at any time, the exposed individual develops symptoms they should remain home and follow guidelines regarding symptoms. Families wishing to have their student tested can participate in the school testing program or seek testing outside of school. Please consider registering for testing through your school via MAKO or call the pediatric testing number at Vidant 252-816-3720, to make an appointment. 

FAQ for MAKO Medical Testing: 

  • How does a parent access the pre registration form to opt in to the test to stay program?
    • At this point, all schools have signed up for the opt-in MAKO Testing. If you are interested in registering your child for this opt-in testing, please contact your school for the school-specific link. 
  • Does a parent only complete the form when their child is symptomatic, or could they be proactive and do it when their child is well also? 
    • We encourage parents to be proactive in filling out this registration form to streamline the process.
  • If it is determined that a child needs to be tested (because of symptoms), will a parent be contacted before the child is tested? 
    • Parents will be notified before testing and are encouraged to be present when they are tested.
  • Who should a parent contact if they have further questions about the MAKO Medical Testing options?
    • Please contact your school administrator or the COVID contact at your school.

The Toolkit is linked here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Williams, Creekside Principal.