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September 25, 2022

Good evening Mustang Families, 

This is Mrs. Johnson with your Hope Happenings for the week of September 26th

Monday Volleyball plays @ Home - Mustang Maniacs are welcome to stay if they have their $4 gate fee and a prearranged ride to pick them up by 5:15 PM.

Tuesday: Progress Reports go home; Girls in Pearls Interest Meeting after school, please have a ride coordinated before you stay; Cross Country will travel for an away meet

Wednesday: Volleyball plays away; 

Thursday: Football plays away

Friday: Some of our band members are performing with the DHC marching band at a DHC football game!  Take in some Friday Night Lights and cheer on our band students!

FCA will start up on Wednesday, Oct 5th. FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and it is OPEN to ALL students. FCA will meet Wednesday mornings in the gym each week from 7:45-8:15am. If you are a bus rider, you may want to make alternate transportation arrangements in these mornings so you can attend too. If you have any questions, see Coach Kirby, Coach Arp, or Mrs. Best.

Early Bird will be held in the cafeteria on Wednesdays, starting Oct 5th to accommodate our large FCA huddle meeting in the gym.

Overall we are pleased with how students are settling into the rhythm of school.  We ask that you remind students to make good choices in the hallways when transitioning to their encore and back to class.  We want to ensure the transition is safe for all students and adults.  Walking with a purpose, using an appropriate volume to talk and keeping hands to yourself are the reminders we give students daily. 

We are also having conversations with students about appropriate lengths of shorts and skirts.  The rule was adjusted to “mid-thigh”, but some shorts are coming as mid-UPPER-thigh.  Please help students choose clothing that follows the appearance policy so they may feel confident and secure in their classroom setting.

Hard to believe we’re just about to end the month of September in the 22-23 school year!  We look forward to seeing our Mustangs tomorrow morning, at Hope Middle School where every day is a GREAT day to be a Mustang!


September 18, 2022

Good evening Mustang families, this is Mrs. Johnson with your Hope Happenings for the week of September 19th.

We have a busy week ahead of us!  Monday we will host Volleyball and Football @ 4 at Home.  Students staying for either event need to have their ride pre-arranged to pick them up by 5:15 PM.  Tuesday Cross Country will travel to Boyd Lee Park for a meet.  Wednesday Volleyball will travel to Farmville Middle School to take on the Patriots.  Friday is PICTURE DAY! Students are welcome to wear outfits that express personality, but reminded of the appearance policy.

Opening the middle lane for 7th grade dismissal has had a positive impact on the afternoon.  We appreciate our families’ patience as we continue to improve our systems.  In the morning, as a reminder, students should stay in their vehicles until staff are present and signal to do so.  This is for everyone’s safety.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to address the events of Friday.  Those of you who have been with me a while know that it’s my style to keep parents informed with transparent and timely information.  I was disappointed the Sheriff’s Department released a statement before PCS or Hope Middle School could.  And as the day settled down and details were available to share, I did not have the right words.  8 students were transported to the hospital for observation, after showing signs of being impaired or under the influence after consuming “gummies”.  A student brought over-the-counter gummies, neither appropriate for consumption by children or allowed on a school campus, to school and shared with other students. The student responsible for bringing the items to school has been identified and appropriate consequences have been assigned.  The students who were found under the influence have also received an appropriate consequence.  This was a very scary experience for the students, staff and their families.  The good news is all of the students were released to their parents by Friday afternoon without complication.  In every experience, there is a lesson.  I hope families will take this opportunity to remind their students of the dangers of sharing and/or consuming food or drink from another person, not knowing what it is or how it will affect them.  

We’re nearly halfway through the first 9 weeks of school.  Progress reports will come home the week of the 26th.  Remind students to diligently work and submit assignments.  If you have questions or concerns, contact your student’s teachers.  Email is a great way to open that line of communication!

Mrs. Gilbert, our Assistant Principal has taken an extended leave of absence.  Please keep her in your thoughts for good health.  Until she returns, please help me welcome Mr. Will Sanderson who will serve our school every Thursday and Friday and every other Wednesday.  He’s happy to be at Hope, where every day is a great day to be a Mustang!


September 11

Good evening Mustang Families

This is Mrs. Johnson with your Hope Happenings for the week of September 12th.

Monday kicks off our Candyman Fundraiser.  Students will watch a quick film in their homeroom to learn more about how they can raise money for their school!  An information packet will be sent home with each student.

Tuesday our Cross Country team will host their first meet of the season.  Wednesday the PTA will meet at 5:30 PM in the media center.

Thursday students interested in traveling to Costa Rica are welcome to attend an interest meeting in the media center at 6:00 PM.  Football plays at home beginning at 4:00.  Students staying should have their rides pre-arranged to pick them up at 5:15 PM.  Students not displaying respectful, good sportsmanship behavior will be asked to leave.

Friday our AVID students will participate in a Signing Day to celebrate their decision to join AVID.

A couple reminders for the coming week:

Early Bird begins at 7:45 AM - however, students should not exit their vehicle until a staff member signals to them.  Additionally, drivers should stay in line, darting around other cars is dangerous to the staff on duty and the students exiting their vehicles.

In the front parking lot for car riders, we beg you to pull all the way forward to the car in front of you.  Leaving large gaps between you and the car in front of you causes unnecessary inefficiency.  As a reminder, students can be dropped off in the morning in any of the three lanes.  Only in the afternoon is it designated by grade

Drivers are also reminded to stay in the vehicle at all times.  Parents may NOT park and walk up to the sidewalk to pick up their child.

A change to the current pattern is 7th grade students will be PICKED UP in the center lane of the parking lot.  6th graders will continue to be picked up in the lane that runs in front of the school and 8th graders  in the lane nearest to Mills Road.  We hope this change will improve our afternoon pick up process.

We hope everyone has a great weekend - we’ll see our students tomorrow morning at Hope Middle School, where every day is a GREAT day to be a Mustang!


September 4

Good evening Mustang Families, 


This is Mrs. Johnson with your Hope Happenings for the week of September 5th.

Monday, we will observe Labor Day with no school for students or staff

Tuesday, we will distribute chromebooks to students who have returned their signed SDA and paid their $20 Device Protection fee.  If you haven’t paid yours yet - please do so as soon as possible.  School Cash Online is the preferred method, however we’ll accept cash or check.  Tuesday, the Volleyball team will host Chicod at 4 PM.  

Also Tuesday, cheerleading tryouts will begin. Information about the tryout schedule, registration and a printable link for physicals can be found on the school’s website under Extracurricular.

Thursday, the football team will host EB Aycock at 4 PM.  Mustang Maniacs may stay ONLY if they have a prearranged ride to pick them up by 5:15 PM.

Students are reminded that good sportsmanship behavior is expected, school rules are still applicable regarding student conduct and dress code.  Body paint is not permitted.  Students whose behavior is not becoming of a Mustang Maniac will be asked to leave and not return for the season.  Students not picked up in a timely manner will also not be allowed to stay after for future events.

After Tuesday, students are reminded they MUST bring their fully charged chromebook to school with them every day.  

Permission forms for Backpack Pals will be going home with students this week. If this is something your family is interested in please fill out the form and have the student return it to their homeroom teacher.   

We are thankful for your grace and patience regarding bus routes.  It’s not been perfect by any means, but we’ve been working with Transportation at the district level every day to improve how we serve students.  Due to overcrowding on some buses, routes are being reconfigured in the coming days.  As a reminder, if you have not received communication from admin with a bus assignment, you are not to get on a bus.  

A flyer is being distributed to students, per the NC State Board of Education and section 115C-12(47) of the NC General Statutes.  The information is for students reminding them they deserve to be safe.  Please look for the flyer this week.

Students seem to be enjoying being back in the cafeteria.  We’re noticing many students not eating lunch.  If you are in need free/reduced cost application, please stop by the office, apply online from the PCS website or ask your HR teacher for one.

Exciting news!  Cheerleading try-outs begin Tuesday - see the website for details!

Bus 216 will start running at regular time - a permanent bus driver has been hired and looking forward to meeting your students Tuesday!  The Band App is going to launch next week for bus updates.  Please be on the lookout for the QR codes to sign up!

We hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend.  We’ll see students back on Tuesday at Hope Middle, where everyday is a great day to be a Mustang!


August 28

Good evening Mustang Families,

This is Mrs. Johnson with your Hope Happenings for the week of August 29th.  

I’d like to welcome our new families to our Sunday calls!  Included in this message will be updates and other information about the upcoming week.  Following this call is also an email, if you don’t receive the email or the call, it means we don’t have the most current information for you. Please keep us updated!

Tomorrow is our first day of school!  Early Bird will begin at 7:45 am in the gym.  As a reminder, the cost is $1 per day and can be paid daily/or weekly.  We encourage you to use School Cash Online to prepay!

Car riders should remain in their cars until they are greeted by a staff member beginning at 8:15 AM.  There is no parking and walking students to the door, parents should stay in their car.  Students should be ready to exit once the car stops.  Only the front lane that runs in front of the school and the far lane, closest to Mills Road are available to drop off.  In order to keep our students and staff safe we ask that you pay attention to the staff directing traffic, maintain a slow speed and follow the traffic flow.  Please refrain from using your cellphone while in line as we learn the flow of traffic. 

Pick up will occur in these same two lanes.  6th & 7th grades will meet their rides in the lane nearest lane to school and 8th grade in the lane nearest to Mills Road.  Please pull all the way forward, following the direction of the staff on duty.

Students riding the bus this week should plan to be at the bus stop about 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time and stay up to 15 minutes after as we work through our new routes.

If you didn’t turn in your Student Device Agreement at Open House, please return it ASAP.  We need parents to complete and return this form ASAP in order to be issued a PCS Device.  You can pay your school fees online or with cash/check at school.

Congratulations to our new Mustang Volleyball Team and Mustang Football team!  We can’t wait to see your season kick off!  Information about cheerleading tryouts is available on our website, under the athletics page.  Check it out if you are interested in trying out!  Wednesday our Volleyball team will host a Jamboree. 4 schools will be participating, therefore this event is limited to volleyball families only - no Mustang Maniacs should stay.  We look forward to students joining us for future events.

College Colors Day is Friday, September 2nd.  We encourage students to wear their favorite college colors or team gear.  Students will also have the opportunity to hear about different colleges their teachers have attended and ways they were involved on campus.  

The first week of school is always wildly fun and exhausting.  We appreciate your grace as we navigate this new school year.  Please pack your patience if your student is a car rider.  Many families will drive their students in the first few days of school - but we promise it will settle down quickly and we’ll have cars in and out in a flash!

Go ahead and set those alarms now - the tardy bell rings at 8:25.  We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at Hope Middle School, where everyday is a GREAT day to be a Mustang!