When will we get student schedules?

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Scheduling Updates:

  • Counselors are in the process of reviewing student schedules.  
  • The schedules students are seeing in Canvas and/or Clever are NOT official.
  • Official student schedules will be released on Thursday, August 13th.
  • An email will be set to students and parents at this time letting them know that student schedules are LIVE in PowerSchool.  Students will have to login into PS at that time to see their official schedules.  Student access to PowerSchool may be restricted until that time.
  • Schedules will NOT be mailed home.


Schedule Changes:

  • No schedule change requests will be accepted until after official schedules are released.
  • Schedule change requests must be done via the Google Form Link that will be included in the email ro be sent out on Thursday, August 13th.  
  • Counselors will NOT process any schedule change requests that are sent via email.