Updated Encore Learning Expectations (2nd 9 weeks)


After many tweaks with encore during the 1st 9 weeks we want to be upfront about 2nd 9 weeks expectations. These have been shared out via Class Dojo from the Encore team and are posted on our Facebook page as well.

Grading Scale

S (Satisfactory) 60-100% of lessons meeting the standards and are successfully submitted

I (Improvement Needed) 40-59% of lessons meeting the standards and are successfully submitted

U (unsatisfactory) 0-39% Students have not met the standards, but may have submitted




Lessons are complete when a photo has been taken of the student’s artwork and uploaded to see saw for K-2 and Canvas for 3-5. 



Lessons are completed in Quaver Music corresponding to the week’s instruction.  A check mark in SeeSaw does not count as completed classwork/homework.  The lesson is complete when it turns green or yellow on the student dashboard in Quaver Music. K-2 will access Quaver through Clever.  3-5 will access Quaver through the music homepage in Canvas.



Lessons are complete when they are submitted in SeeSaw or Canvas.  



While participation in live Zooms is not required, it is highly recommended that students attend the live Zoom sessions as this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, and receive immediate feedback from their teacher.