Middle School Upcoming Athletics

P.C.M.S.A.C. 20-21 UPDATE


North Carolina High School Athletic Association is going to attempt to start athletics on November 4th.  This date could change due to Covid.  


Pitt County Middle School Athletic Conference had a meeting on 9/9/20 to discuss the logistics of athletics.  As a conference we have decided to start athletics in January of 2021, depending on the Covid pandemic.  At this point in time, it is unclear which sports will be played next semester.  We are waiting to hear if the middle schools will be allowed to have athletics, from Dr. Lenker and the Board of Education.  We plan to meet in October in hopes of planning for our January start with Athletics.  



If athletics takes place next semester, you must make sure that you pass 5 out of 6 classes (Core and Encore) from this semester to play sports.  Many virtual students are not completing their assignments on Canvas and your effort will show in the grade.  ALL students enrolled at Bethel whether face to face or working virtually will be able to participate in athletics, but they must make sure their grades are a 60 or better in at least 5 of their classes.  This is a state/county rule.  



If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact.


James Campbell

Athletic Director