Awards Day Procedures

Awards Day Procedures

Dear Wintergreen Parents, Guardians and Extended Family,

Very soon, Wintergreen Primary and Intermediate will hold award ceremonies to recognize our students. In preparation for these awards, I am providing to you PCS board policies and school expectations for visitors. A link to Policy Code 5020 is provided.

Policy 5020: All visitors during the school day to report to the administrative office (on awards day, please come to the check-in table); School visitors are expected to comply with all school rules and school board policies including the prohibition of Weapons and Explosives Prohibited; Persons who are subject to policy 5022, Registered Sex Offenders, must comply with the provisions of that policy.

Please observe the following school procedures:

● Cell phones and talking during the awards: Please assist us by modeling quiet voices during the ceremony. When students see audience members talking and conversing, students feel inclined to do the same. Please silence your cell phones to avoid disruption of the ceremony.

● Pictures: We have very limited time for families to take pictures. Please take one picture of your child or your child with a friend.

● Parents/Guardians/Family Members Approaching Teachers and Students: Please do not approach teachers with questions, comments or concerns at any time during the awards ceremony. Instead, please contact your child’s teacher by email or phone following the ceremony. Families should not approach seated children during the awards ceremony.

● Exiting the Awards Ceremony: Our students and teachers will be exiting first. No exceptions. Instructions for exiting will be provided at each ceremony.

● Going to Classrooms: Parents/Guardians/Family Members are not allowed to go to classrooms following awards.

Thank you in advance for supporting our safe and orderly school environment!


Mrs. Cathy C. Kirkland

Principal Wintergreen Primary

Wintergreen Intermediate