Welcome to Media Center

  • Media Center Information:

    Media Coordinator:  Amelia White - whitea1@pitt.k12.nc.us

    Media and Technology Assistant:  Amanda Harrell - harrela@pitt.k12.nc.us

    CME Library Media Center Mission Statement: The mission of the C. M. Eppes Middle School Library Media Center is to provide multiple sets of services that promotes lifelong learning and fosters a love of reading.

    CME Library Media Center Vision: The C. M. Eppes Middle School Library Media Center empowers students to learn technology and 21st century skills within a safe and inclusive space while incorporating collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

    Library Media Center Goals

    The CME Media Center will guide accomplishment of our Mission and Vision by: 

    • Having a warm and inviting vibe that allows for students to feel comfortable in participating in authentically engaging and creatively challenging activities.
    • Being a leading resource for educational support to both students and staff
    • Ensuring ready, equal, and equitable access to all library materials
    • Inspiring curiosity in our students through inquiry based learning and creation opportunities within this learning space
    • Encouraging a love of reading through engaging book challenges, programs, projects, and fairs.
    • Striving to focus on the future, and embrace change and emerging technologies, explore new ideas and initiate changes to enhance our service to the school community