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    September 14, 2020

    Eastern Parents, Students, & Families, 


    We are so excited to have our Eagles back both virtually and face-to-face for the opening of the 2020-2021 school year. This year is filled with new challenges for the entire Eastern Elementary family: administration, teachers, students, and parents. Over the past several weeks we have discovered a few obstacles and concerns that need to be addressed to help the school year run more smoothly from a virtual standpoint. One example is our face-to-face teachers have students present in their classrooms until 1:30 which makes responding to questions and concerns to at home families throughout the day difficult. We are also working diligently to keep curriculum pace equivalent between our virtual and face-to-face classrooms. Interruptions/distractions during Zoom instruction lengthens instruction time and segments. Completing assignments and/or turning in assignments late are additional concerns of utmost importance. Assignments ensure we know where students are in their learning.


    To remedy these obstacles and concerns, Eastern will begin using the following virtual learning expectations for all students and families starting September 14th and moving forward. We will be using a tighter set of Zoom guidelines and expectations to improve learning outcomes. If these changes do not ease the challenges, additional changes may need to be made in the future. Please assist us in being part of the solution to make learning for your student no matter the setting as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

    Virtual Learning Expectations


    • Encore is not optional. Should your student choose to skip encore assignments a grade of Unsatisfactory will be noted on their nine weeks report cards. Unsatisfactory will result in ineligibility for Honor Roll and/or Principal’s List.
    • Zoom sessions will be closed at 5 minutes past the start time. (i.e. - a Zoom lesson starting at 8:30am will be locked after 8:35am)
    • Respect the instructional day of 7:30-1:30 of face-to-face teachers. Classroom teacher office hours are from 1:45-3:00 daily. EC teachers may have different office hours based on their current service schedule.
    • Please contact the front office for technical support from 8:00-3:00.
    • Be mindful of what is within your camera’s view. (i.e. people dressing, etc.)
    • Your student’s Zoom name must be their first and last name.
    • No inappropriate use of language or chat.
    • If you choose to do live Zooms, students need to be in an appropriate learning position for instruction. This includes sitting up, with the device on a stable surface, and materials ready for learning. 
    • Work is due at 12:00pm the following school day from which it was assigned. (i.e. - assignment was issued Friday, it is due 12:00pm lunch time on Monday) Students with IEPs, 504’s, or PEPs will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your child’s teacher should you have questions.
    • After one week assignments can no longer be submitted and a zero will be given.
    • Students should be completing their own work.
    • Students will receive only one attempt for graded assignments such as classwork, quizzes, and tests.


    If the expectations are not followed by students a systematic set of consequences will apply. 

    1st offense: The student will be removed from Zoom and the parent contacted. 


    2nd offense: The student will no longer be allowed to participate in synchronous learning without an administrative conference with the parent.

    3rd offense: The student will be discontinued from synchronous learning indefinitely.


    Video Do's & Don'ts

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    Parent Notification of TSI-CU


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