About Us

  • In the early 1900s, maybe earlier, the rural public schools were the center of community life in Pitt County, as in North Carolina in general.  As the schools became consolidated, the communities became larger.

    Around 1919-1920, the Jones one-room school, about four miles east of Pactolus, on the Grimesland Road, and the Webb School, sometimes known as Sunny Vee, on the Washington-Robersonville Road, near Ward's Bridge were consolidated.  The children from these two school communities were bused to Pactolus.  

    In October 1947, Pactolus School, the pride of the community, experienced a disastrous fire that destroyed the building.  A new building was constructed.  However, due to insufficient funds, it was built without an auditorium.  The auditorium was added about two years later, but the delay cost the people of Pactolus several thousand dollars.  The bricks of Pactolus High School that burned were cleaned and used in the construction of our present school.

    In 1954 as a result of the Supreme Court's decision to integrate the schools, Pactolus drew African-American students from Stokes and G.R. Whitfield Schools, located in Stokes and Grimesland, respectively.  

    In 2020, Pactolus became a Global Leader school. As a Global Leader, our students are taken on a journey throughout the world to explore and learn new perspectives. Students also have the opportunity to learn more about the global competencies that will help them become global citizens. In 2021, Pactolus also became a Dual Language School where students learn both Spanish and English. Pactolus then changed their name to Pactolus Global School to reflect their new direction.