Media Center



     Pactolus Media center is the hub of our school!  This is not just a place where students can check-in an check-out books, but a place where students come to get information!  Our media center offers books, e-books, audio books and various resources.  If you have a question, the media center is the best place to come get the answer.

     Anchor Book
  • What is Bibliotherapy?


    Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that uses literature to support good mental health. Books written specifically for healing purposes are powerful, therapeutic resources. Ms. Hopkins, Pactolus School Counselor, and Mrs. Vatoyia Gardner, Pactolus School Media Coordinator collaborated to target specific student behaviors that impede students social/emotional development, and decreases reading performance.  

    The multicultural books and other helpful resources to enhance bibliotherapy lessons and promote acceptable character education, in order to decrease social/emotional issues and aid students’ reading skills. The character education traits highlighted from bibliotherapy texts are: respect, kindness, compassion, and tolerance. These four character traits are roadmaps to help students adopt acceptable behaviors that decrease social/emotional issues and improve academic performance.  


  • Stemeracy!!!


    Stemeracy is the combination of STEM + LITERACY!  During media encore lessons, Mrs. Gardner collaborated with the classroom teacher and found literature which compliments their classroom science lessons!