Media Center

Media Center Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    Monday - Friday the media center is open for teachers and staff from 7:30 am to 3 pm.

    We are not open after 3 pm or on weekends. 

    Virtual students order their books through Destiny Discover and are placed in the front hall for pick up.

    F2F students order their books in class and the Book Hub mobile delivers on Monday and Thursday.



Media Policies

  • Policy for checking out books:

    1. Kindergarten students will not check out books until November. I want to teach them  library rules, procedures, and book care before they can check out books. Students will receive a practice book to take home and bring back before they will get to check out a book.

    2. Students in first grade can check out one book at a time. Students in grades 2-5 can check out two books at a time. When students in K-1 do AR, they can check out two books.

    3. Students will be allowed to check out more than two books when they need to complete research.

    4. There is a designated area in the media center for Battle of the Books. This team is open to only 4th and 5th grade students. Students interested in being on the team will be the only students allowed to check these books until competition is over. Interested students will be asked to start reading the fifteen books on the list. There are AR tests for these books as well. They are also allowed to check out three books at one time as long as one of them is a Battle book.

    5. We do not charge overdue fines but we do charge for lost or damaged books. Damaged book are those that are missing pages, left outside in the rain, contain mold, or students have written or drawn explicit material inside of the book. Students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out any more books until their books are renewed or lost books are paid for.

    6. Teachers may check out as many books as they need.

    7. I will send overdue notices to students at least once a month.



    Technology Policies:


    1. Students within Lakeforest Elementary School have access to chromebooks, desktops, iPads, and Android tablets.

    2. Students using these devices are using them within the schools; as these devices belong to Pitt County Schools and they are managed by the school.

    3. These devices do not go home with the student.

    4. Students are expected to properly manage the devices by following these expectations:


    1. Student will retrieve and return the device assigned to them from the charging cart as directed. The teacher will model this procedure.
    2. All students should inspect their computer upon retrieval and report any damage to the teacher immediately.  Failure to do so may result in assumption of damages.
    3. When transporting the device, students must hold the device with both hands on the base at all times. The teacher will model this procedure.
    4. Device must be placed flat (on their bottom) on the desktop or educational surface at all times. Students should not have devices on laps.
    5. Food and drinks should not be near devices.
    6. Students must be on the correct (assigned) website and have the correct number of tabs open at all times.
    7. All virtual posts and videos must be topic-relevant, respectful, and use appropriate language or actions.
    8. Use of non-educational games (as deemed by the teacher) will not be tolerated.
    9. Use of headphones is only appropriate when instructed by the teacher.
    10. The use of messaging/electronic chatting, without instruction from the teacher, will result in disciplinary action.
    11. Inappropriate use and damages to the devices will result in an office referral.