• Farmville Middle School opened its doors for the first time in the 1975-76 school year.

    Farmville Middle School is home to approximately 700 students in grades 6-8. We are the 4th largest middle school in the county, which consists of seven total true middle schools. Farmville Middle is located 10 miles outside the city limits of Greenville, North Carolina which is the home to East Carolina University. We are a unique school system and consider ourselves a true community school mostly because our elementary school, middle school, and high school are all side by side. Farmville Middle School's enrollment consists of students from the city of Greenville as well as the town of Farmville, Fountain, and Falkland. Our school encompasses both rural and suburban communities. We have approximately 45 certified staff members and 7 classified staff members. Over the past several years, we have had a fair number of students enroll from private schools, charter schools, neighboring counties, and out-of-state schools due to our academic success and family-like atmosphere. We take pride in our academics, the programs we have to offer, and our close-knit community. Our teachers take pride in growing their students and helping them achieve academic success.  

    We believe that all students can learn, and learning is our top priority. We push students to excel academically as well as socially. We do so by developing lessons that are rigorous, relevant to our students backgrounds/beliefs, and allow for higher-order thinking skills. We strive to achieve academic excellence and use student data to drive our instruction. Our staff members model the behaviors expected from students and go above and beyond to form meaningful relationships with students and parents.  



    Program Offerings: 

    High School Level Classes (Math I, Earth Science and World History) 

    Advanced ELA and Math Classes (1 per grade level) 

    Inclusion Classrooms (Math and ELA) 

    AVID Elective  

    RTI during Patriot Period (Flex Period) 

    STEM Lab

    ...and many others